Character Generation


Characters in the Musketeers can come from any of Théah’s nations: Nations in the modern sense do not yet exist, and Montaigne is very cosmopolitan, too. After the War of the Cross, Montaigne won two provinces from the Eisenfürsten in the peace settlement, for example.

Here are some basic guidelines to help in creating a Musketeer:

  • Either Valroux or Rois et Reine Swordsman School (they can be treated as Swordsman School from one’s own country of origin) for free.
  • Language: Montaigne at R/W level for free.
  • Sorcery at most half-blood (beginners in 7the Sea should not take any sorcery)
  • Secret Societies only with a very good reason, and then only those that fit in a chivalric theme (Knights of Rose and Cross fit, Rilasciare only in certain circumstances, and Die Kreuzritter do not exist)
  • No Commission Advantage, as the Musketeers are provided for, including a comfortable living stipend
  • Membership: Musketeer for free
  • Nobility does join the Musketeers, but usually adopts a Sword Name (Arthos, Portos and Aramis are three famous real world examples). Or at least the du Paix moniker.

Suggested Skills

Note: One of these is free during character creation.

  • Courtier: A Musketeer shouldn’t turn herself into a fool in front of l’Empereur or foreign dignitaries
  • Criminal: Useful to find out where lawbreakers may be hiding
  • Streetwise: A Musketeer should know how to find her bearings in a city
  • Hunter: Likewise, a Musketeer should know her way around the land

Benefits the Musketeer Receives

  • Living cost is provided for by the Crown
  • Weapons are provided for: rapier, main-gauche, pistol, musket with bayonet
  • Stipend of 3 1/3 Sol (40 Pistoles, or 10 Guilder) is granted for personal use
  • The word of a Musketeer carries a lot of weight in court
  • Egalitarian: Since the Musketeers recruit their numbers from all over Montaigne and from all classes, the Musketeers themselves are egalitarian, and they are thus seen as (roughly) equals by every Montaigne, as well, from the peasantry to the nobility

Character Generation

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